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Couples Resort, Whitney Ontario
November 4, 2014

Couples Resort, Whitney Ontario

This past weekend my husband and I took a beautiful road trip up to Muskoka to visit an adult-only resort for some much needed R&R. To say the trip was beyond our expectations is an understatement. Our weekend was chalked full of relaxation, rejuvenation, pampering, gourmet dining and endless nature. We left feeling recharged and reconnected as a couple.

Located on the shores of Galeairy Lake, Couples Resort in Whitney, Ontario is a 5-STAR luxury resort, set in the beautiful backdrop of Algonquin Park which is just minutes away.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by friendly staff who were very knowledgeable about not only the resort but the entire area. All the details of our stay were clearly explained, our reservation for dinner confirmed along with being givenrecommendations of activities we could do in the area. We had booked ahead for couples horseback riding at a nearby facility and the front desk clerk already had all the information about that ready for us, including a map to get to the stables from the resort. In addition, the resort has Spa services which she was happy to answer my questions about.


Our well-appointed Jr. Hot Tub Suite was roomy, clean and cozy with a real wood fireplace and beautiful view of the lake. The large 4 poster bed was like sleeping on a cloud and as the fireplace is elevated, you can lie in bed while watching the fire flicker away. The double whirlpool tub is the perfect way to relax while watching some Netflix on the 50 inch flat screen TV.

couples resort ontario

In addition, we had a Hot Tub suite which meant that just outside our double doors to the patio was a fantastic private hot tub, always ready for us. We took advantage of every evening before bed and even slipped in one last relaxing soak 30 minutes before checkout on our last day!

couples resort hot tub


One of the best features of Couples Resort is that included in your package are both your breakfast and dinner in their beautiful dining room (or via room-service, whichever you prefer). Be prepared for a treat at dinner as their International Chefs prepare a decadent, gourmet 5-course meal. Their vast menu selections, daily features and impressive wine list (including an on-site Sommelier) mean that there really is something for everyone. You may even have the opportunity to try something new!

couples resort food

Photo: CouplesResort.ca

The dining room has a dress-code for dinner which I thought was very fitting for this resort and the atmosphere. I love dressing up to go out and there’s something very romantic about doing it for no one other than yourself and your partner. In addition to the dress code, they have a strict No-Cell Phone Policy in the dining room. At first I admit I was a little thrown off, however I quickly learned that this is definitely a fantastic policy to have on a couples getaway. While my husband and I never have any trouble finding conversation, the no-cell-phone made it even more special as we had our eyes on each other for the entire meal, instead of constantly checking our phones, posting photos of our food or checking in on the kids back home. Also, this makes the dining room quiet with light chatter without any phone sounds. It took us back to a time before cell phones when enjoying a meal with another person was an uninterrupted event.

NOTE: There is no dress-code in effect for breakfast and lunch, however the no-cell phone policy is still in effect. 

The dining room is also open for lunch each day at an extra cost. I like that you have the option to either eat at the resort or off resort, depending on where your day takes you. We had lunch one day in the dining room and it was excellent. I enjoyed a fantastic smoked salmon & brie Panini and my husband had a delicious grilled chicken salad.


There is definitely no lack of activities for you and your partner to enjoy together, no matter the season! On site, they have a variety of seasonal activities such as:

  • Tennis
  • Water Sports (Canoe, Kayak, motor-boat, paddle boat, water skiing, fishing, etc)
  • On-site pool
  • Hiking Trails
  • Bike Rentals
  • An on-site art gallery
  • Snowshoeing
  • Ice Skating
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Ice Fishing
  • and more…

In addition, close by there are many other activities to enjoy such as Algonquin Park, Horseback Riding and Dog Sledding.

My husband and I went for a 1-hr Couples Horseback Riding at Adventure Stables which was only a couple minutes drive from the resort. I recommend this activity to anyone! Neither my husband or I have much experience riding but that didn’t matter at all. We were given great instruction before we left and made to feel quite comfortable, so we were able to enjoy the beautiful trail ride together.

couples resort horseback riding

If you are looking for a romantic and relaxing getaway with your spouse, then look no further than Couples Resort. No matter the season, there is truly something for everyone, from those looking for R&R in comfortable accommodations to the nature lovers who are looking to reconnect through outdoor activities. We cannot wait to return and plan to make Couples Resort a yearly tradition.

11 Responses

  1. Jenn

    As a life long resident of Muskoka, and I know true Muskokans would agree, you’ve made an error calling it the Muskoka’s. It is Muskoka. This common error, made by people not from Muskoka, grates on the nerves of us locals. It’s one place. The District of Muskoka. It encompasses a vast area and several communities. All the signs welcoming visitors say Welcome to Muskoka. It’s the best place in the world.

    1. Jenn Perry

      Hi Jenn, thank you for reading and I apologize for my mistake. I have corrected it in the post. Honestly it was simple ignorance on my part as it was described to me my entire life as “the Muskoka’s” when referring to the area. Thank you for correcting me, I will be sure to no longer refer to it as that in my own conversations. You live in a beautiful area and we can’t wait to visit again soon.

      1. Russ Walters

        Hi Jenn

        My wife is from Muskoka and I am a long time resident as well. I myself am ok with you refering to it as “The Muskoka’s”. The term the muskokas’s refers to the surrounding bodies of water known as the Muskoka lakes!
        Any proud resident of Muskoka is proud and happy that you wish to share your experiences and stories with others so that tourism in the area continues to bring tourist dollars to local business! Visit “The Muskoka Lakes” anytime and bring your friends to enjoy the scenery. The fall is breathtaking when the leaves are changing!

    2. James

      Great article you shouldn’t have to Apologize for something so trivial. I got alot of great information from your article not just that you called it “the muskoka’s” I’ll be going to” the muskoka’s” soon to visit this place in the winter.

  2. This sounds like a dream come true: the perfect vacation! I love your pictures with horses! You, guys, look so happy <3

  3. I need something like this with my husband! Looks like you had an amazing time!

  4. I need to go on this trip with my hubby, it looks so romantic

  5. Robert Stopford

    Sounds great , reminds me of a place my parents used to take me in Bracebridge Muskoka called Bangor lodge, I will definitely come and visit !

  6. This looks like it was an amazing trip!

  7. It is so hard for us to get away without the kids. ONE OF THESE DAYS. This looks amazing and well deserved. p.s I am not going on a bloody horse.

  8. I’ve just shown your post and the resort’s website to my boyfriend and it something that we are DEFINITELY going to do. Just need to figure out WHEN. It sounds absolutely amazing!

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